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one copy of it looks like this, the others look the same but with different pictures on them :

It's a live 3" cdr, it looks good and sounds, well, almost O-K. there's a special black and white page with some details where you can download the recordings check it here. and you can buy it for 4 euros on www.deadbees.com, 66 copies were made and we're planning on giving most of them out to our families and rock star friends for Christmas, so it's going to be a RARE COLLECTOR'S ITEM.



GRANDMA, IS IT CHRISTMAS YET? WELL IT SURE LOOKS SO, LITTLE JOHNNY! you can download the first half of our Beaux Arts performance HERE it's a good thing that our dear friend Jean's recorder ran out of battery as we had saved all the bad songs for the end. We're going to release it on cute 3" cdrs on a very limited pressing with cute artwork. It will be available before cute Christmas. more soon.

Sébastien has released his debut album as FUCK BUDDIES (fuckbuddies.free.fr), it's titled "A Storm" and it's available on www.deadbees.com

WE HAVE OPENED FOR MUSCLHARD + X-OR ON SATURDAY, NOV 6TH AT THE BEAUX ARTS IN TOULOUSE! It was a great evening, the acoustics were terrible but the room was beautiful. We really enjoyed ourselves that night and it was one of the best show we ever played.

here's what we looked like (photo © le m@sc), there are lots of other pics taken at that show here


These guys (as well as their label, Dead Bees) are French, but you won't notice right away; at best, you'll detect a few oddities in their accents and peg them as Canadians. It's a moot point anyway, as plenty of American bands would happily lay claim to these powerful, blustery songs.
Don't be discouraged by the cover art's maritime imagery -- this isn't another emo record, though it's in the same basic ballpark. To wit: thick, interlocking dual guitar melodies full of jabbing, driving riffs, backed by a strong rhythm section that makes liberal use of the crash cymbal. In most cases, a modicum of vocal anguish (and its attendant performance compromises) could push these songs over the line into whine-rock territory, but vocalist Sebastien (both Sebastien and Joel are listed as vocalists, but Sebastien is first on the list so I'm going with him as the main guy) has a decent grip on his singing voice. When he's not favoring a faintly Cobainish medicated drone on "I Won Plehdeen" and "Bones & Silence", he's navigating the emotional peaks of "Unsolved Death" and "Sherilyn". The latter songs offer more opportunity for off-key excess, but with the exception of a few odd phrasings (case in point: "Unsolved Death"'s "Drink the poison", in which the final syllable is accented over all else so it sounds like "poi-zahn"), he's on target. It helps, too, that the music is never excessively bleak; there's always a melody there if you're willing to look. For a bunch of French guys, that's a particularly notable achievement. - George Zahora, splendid (usa)

CHECK OUT FUCK BUDDIES' (Sébastien's side project) WEBSITE! fuckbuddies.free.fr

NEWS! We are rehearsing and fooling around with new songs, wondering which ones we'll record sometime soon for OUR DEBUT ALBUM. Joel is looking for a job and is quite active in the accappela scene. Sébastien is playing with whoever asks him to and is working on a handmade, limited and numbered Fuck Buddies cdr to be released soon on dead bees records (www.deadbees.com). Matthieu is leaving for more Iberic landscapes. We have no idea what Vincent is up to.

NEWS! There's a new live song on the new Dead Bees Records sampler. It's called "Midinette" and it was recorded by the kind people at La Nef in Angoulème during our wild performance opening for the kind people in Interpol. The sampler is packed with great bands and costs 2euros (check it out! www.deadbees.com). If you think "Midinette" sounds OK then you might like the live recording of "Sherilyn." Listen: Midinette, Sherilyn.

COMING SOON! Sébastien's dad shoot us while we opened for the Junkyard Birds in hip Samatan on july 31st, we are fine, we had our kevlar t shirts on but there will be some video files and mp3s of new songs up on this website sometime before 2017.

THANKS! We would like to thank the Junkyard Birds and the people who came along when we opened for them on july 31st.

PIC! here's a picture of Sébastien, Matthieu and Joel taken at the Fuck Buddies aftershow party. Vincent was stuck at his parents' because of a broken car.

more stupid pics of us and our friends here

OUR RECORD! Listen to our debut ep (available on www.deadbees.com) : I Won Plehdeen, Unsolved Death, Sherilyn, Bones & Silence.

it looks like this:

PRESS! here's our very first Dutch review, none of us speaks Dutch so here's an automated translation of it -it doesn't really makes sense but it's really funny :
Debuut-EP of the French The the nova Express let a group which is awfully influenced by nirvana, placebo and Sonic Youth hear. Nice noiserock played with fel, staccato jet ear game in a high tempo with an urgency as if them Lance Armstrong of a seventh tour will keep back victory. That the zanger Sébastien Duclos here then sometimes toontje from the turning fly him has been forgiven. Duclos signs for half of the four present numbers. 'I won Plehdeen' and 'Bones & Silence' come on account of scream Vionnet which takes there also the song in itself. Much difference in sound and environment does not sit there between two except that Vionnet more beautiful song lines weet to invent. Or these een-tweetjes will put in front themselves to be possible we just as the boys from Toulouse with their first album come. www.kindamuzik.net
more articles about us here

NOT-I BIRD USED TO BE JOEL'S STAGENAME! Joel recorded a cd by himself, with the help of Call Me Loretta's SEB WOOd under the moniker Not-I Bird. The limited cdr was titled "Proverbs of Bones and Silence" and released a couple of years ago. if you're interested in this, get in touch with him through "electronic mail": curtislassa@yahoo.fr


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