unmastered mp3s:

bushido pop mp3
midinette mp3
neaven erd mp3
the street mp3
a stallion mp3
i never met your twin peaks mp3
i won plehdeen mp3
bones & silence mp3

Recorded by Jean Mathy à l'ecole des Beaux Arts de Toulouse on November 6th 2004 with a MD in the pit (quality: B-)

kindly mastered by Kokosnoot, who did everything he could.

66 numbered 3" cdrs, handmade black cardboard covers with a unique picture on each copy.

missed intro on "i never met your twin" by Sébastien, out of tune guitar by Joel, way too fast tempo on "the street" by Matthieu, child screamings by some art freak's child, fade out at the end of "bones and silence" thanks to Mini Disc recorder battery shortage.

This is the first half of the set we played on that day (you can see pictures of the show and a setlist here), because Jean's forementioned MD ran out of forementioned battery.

you can buy it for 4 euros on www.deadbees.com (it's our label, you can pay with paypal, credit card & check)

the 66 cover pictures

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